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        Chongqing golden eagle automatic engineering co., Ltd (geec in brief) is a joint-stock enterprise established in 1998. It is located in Chongqing, which is the biggest base in terms of the production of electrical appliances and the assembly of meters in China.Geec Focuses on the design of automatic engineering, the programming of software, the contracting of engineering business, the export of equipment, acting as agent of Chuanyi domestic equipments and manufacture of electrical power equipment. Geec is composed of 4 sectors, namely, engineering design, compositive, assemble testing center and customer service sector with 50 personnel. On the aspect of engineering design, holding the principle of high starting point, high quality, high standard, Geec absorbs senior talents from national large equipment research institute, and absorbs high-qualified postgraduates and doctorial graduates from national key university and national large meters/instruments production enterprise.

     Therefore, during the 8 years, Geec had undertaken several projects including the equipment design, exploitation of the software, adjustment on the spot and the assembly of equipments. It had formed its own professional characteristic. Especially it makes a great progress on the field of automatic business of various heating processing furnace. And what¡¯s more, it is entitled to be in charge of the partial contracting business of SHMECC¡¯S automatic engineering by Shanghai stein Heurtey Mecc industrial furnace co.,Ltd (SHMECC in brief).


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3F,Zone B,No.2Yangliu Road, Huangshan Street,North New District, Chongqing  of China




E-Mail: geec@geec.com.cn

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Address£º3F,Zone B,No.2Yangliu Road, HuangShan Street,
North New District, ChongQing of China