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Core value conception

¡óProfit Conception

¡¡¡¡Customer profit first. To meet our customer¡¯s profit is the precondition that our mutual profit can get continuable development.
To keep the balance of the profit to all parties including enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees and cooperators and meet their requirements furthest.

¡óValue Conception

¡¡¡¡The total value of company comes from the knowledge, capital and the laboring of high-diathesis employees.
According to the factors of contribution, ability, responsibility and working attitude, we make the distribution on the principle of objectivity, justness and continuable development.
According to integrating distribution by capital and by laboring, we realize the value distribution with development opportunity, position, wage, premium, stock right, bonus and other welfares.


¡óTalent Conception

¡¡¡¡Outstanding company can cultivate and absorb excellent employees; at the same time, these employees can make the company become better and better.
We try our best to create conditions to make the talent show themselves.
Principle: both ability and moral integrity, and make best use of their specialty.

¡óManagement Conception

¡¡¡¡Management target: make best use of the persons and the goods.
Management principle: scientific decision, authoritative performance and systematic management.
Management point: scientific plan enaction and strict program control.

¡óCompetition Conception

¡¡¡¡Competition is the key point for enterprise keeping persistent and energetic.
Offering fair competition opportunity and adopting fair appraisal standard.
To compete with customer¡¯s demand is better than to compete with opponent and it is our impetus for unceasing development.¡¡

¡¡ Enterprise Style ¡¡

Surpass ourselves

¡¡¡¡To recognize ourselves correctly, carry forward our
¡¡¡¡strongpoint and avoid our shortcoming and bring our

¡¡¡¡potential into play.
To realize our own responsibility and take the task initiatively.
To develop ourselves and advocate competition and innovation.
The key point for surpassing ourselves is to emphasize the principal part of the employees and put ourselves into the enterprise. As an employee, we should learn to be your own host first, overcome our shortcoming, bring our subjective potential into play and inject new life into our enterprise with your personality.

Respect others
To regard workmates and other department as your service object and have the obligation to offer service and help for them.
To consider the problem from the viewpoint of others and put yourself in other¡¯s position to understand and respect them.
To reject arrogant and exclusive thought and advocate the equality to all the departments and all of them.

Respecting others means to emphasize the appetency and cooperation of the employees. The employees should consider the problem in the enterprise¡¯s position and cooperate with others to serve for the enterprise. The behavior of the enterprise is not the behavior of the individual but its all of the employees¡¯. The point is to cultivate the employees¡¯ ability of cooperation to avoid their inconsistent personality and their consciousness of self-awareness.

¡¡ Management Conception

Customer is the base£­The development of enterprise is on the base of the customers and it shows that customer foremost is the market and service principle.

Technology is useful£­As a high-technology enterprise, it is meaningful to emphasize technological innovation for its development. But it is more important to pay much attention on technology for man¡¯s service, which is shown technological human¡¯s spirit.

Keep harmonious£­Harmoniousness means an ideal state that make human, nature and social develop harmonious. That is to say, on one hand, it means to deal with the relationship between the enterprise and the customer properly and to realize the maximum economy profit of the enterprise. On the other hand, it means to strive for the unification of enterprise with society and human with nature to promote the continuous development of modern civilization and social development.

Enterprise Spirit

Appetency£­Human is the base. Mutual care and treatment and sincere comity form strong appetency and solidification of the enterprise.

Sincerity£­To treat straight with each other, regard credit as the foremost, treat work loyally and protect the glory and the image of the enterprise.

Philosophy£­Mind is generous with fully understanding and communication. To seek common points while reserving difference on thought, respect personality, bring personal creativity into play and activate the impetus of the whole enterprise.

Profit£­To keep the best profit balance among enterprise, customer, employee, cooperator and society efficiently.

Quality Guideline

Scientific management, innovative product, satisfied service and common development.

The meaning of quality guideline:

¡¡1.Scientific management: To guarantee to realize the goal of the enterprise by the method of customer driving organization flow, systematic process management control, dynamic resource collocation, mutual communication, harmonious environment, flexible promoting system and persistent improvement.

¡¡2.Innovative product: To research, design, scheme and serve for customer with innovative thought and meet the variational and potential requirements of the customer, enhance the competition of the technology and service to promote the development of the enterprise and society.

¡¡3. Satisfied service: To build up the conception of ¡°enterprise depends on the customer.¡± The satisfaction of the customer is our goal that we are seeking for and we timely understand the requirement of the customer and meet their demand and expectation with our excellent service. At the same time, we advocate that each person should offer satisfied service to the customers in the process of program and offer powerful guarantee for final customers.
¡¡4. Common development: To respect the interest of employees¡¯ and other parties¡¯ to gain their trust, to create value for customer, supplier and cooperator by offering product and service and create opportunity for employee for their development with enterprise.
¡¡¡¡As to the quality guideline and goal of our enterprise, all of us should understand and carry out them and all the staff should strive for realizing the goal.

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